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Learn Python (Online)

Learn Python (Online) Online

Do you want to learn the programming language Python?

Rather than creating yet another series of Python tutorials, this library workshop is set up to help you work through existing lessons at https://pythonhumanities.com/python-for-dh-course/.   The scheduled time will be an open Zoom call.  Feel free to use this time to work through the tutorials in the company of others, or work through them ahead of time and bring any questions or problems you encounter to our instructor.

  • Why these tutorials?
    • They were recommended by other libraries and working through them we have found them effective. 
  • What if I am not a humanities student?
    • We purposely chose these digital humanities lessons as they do not assume coding/technology expertise.
    • The 24 lessons explore concepts that are general enough to be useful to people working in a variety of disciplines.
  • I have tried the first lesson and am stuck.  What can I do?
    • Email the library’s instructor, John Brosz, at jdlbrosz@ucalgary.ca.
    • See the workshop’s attached document.  It has a few tips that are useful in getting you through the first couple of lessons.
  • I used another set of tutorials or I have a more advanced Python problem, can I still take part?
    • You are welcome to attend and we will do our best to help.  
Monday, August 30, 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm
Time Zone:
Mountain Time - US & Canada (change)
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Registration is required. There are 28 seats available.