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Audio Production Basics using Logic Pro

Audio Production Basics using Logic Pro

Learn how to record, edit, and export podcasts, oral histories, field recordings, or other audio products using library equipment in this hands-on workshop. You’ll be taught the basics of using Logic Pro software, including:

  • How to include stock music or your own backgrounds songs
  • How to connect a microphone and the pros & cons of different types of microphones.
  • How to use an audio interface
  • How to have a good quality recording.
  • How to obtain a good signal level
  • Basic mixing techniques
  • How to create different effects on your audio tracks to animate your podcast
  • How to bounce or export your final audio piece


Appropriate for beginners or for those at any skill level who wish to better familiarize themselves with library production spaces and resources, and gain essential skills for both school and personal projects.

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Friday, June 14, 2019
11:30am - 1:00pm
340A - bring your own device optional room, 340B, 340C, 340D
  Create Digital Media     Lab NEXT     Technology training  
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