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Data Visualization Basics

Data visualization is an important tool for researchers, assisting in both analysis and communication of results. The use of appropriate visualization techniques can greatly increase the ability to gain insight from and ease the communication of data.

This session will focus on two areas; the first is an overview of data visualization and basic chart types, and the data visualization software that is available to campus scholars. The second area is an introduction to theoretical underpinning of data visualization: the visual variables. Visual variables include colour, brightness, position, orientation, shade, and texture and are the elements that are used to transform symbolic data into visual geometry. After presenting these areas the session will feature a group exercise in applying visual variables through sketching an example dataset.

By the end of the seminar participants will be able to:

  • differentiate between infographics & visualizations, info vis & sci vis, and ordered & categorical data.
  • Identify the strengths of 12 different chart types.
  • select visual variables for use in their visualization that are most appropriate to the data.
  • use a design-thinking exercise to explore their data and design data visualizations.

Related LibGuide: Visual Variables & Tableau by Chelsea Ambler

Thursday, August 30, 2018
2:30pm - 4:30pm
TFDL 466B - Visualization Studio
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